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Three Bean Turkey Chili aka Mexi-Rican Chili

Mexi-Rican Chili. WTH is that? It’s some serious goodness in your belly, that’s what! A combo of Tex-Mex and Puerto Rican flavors. I’ve made it super easy for you to make this one-pot wonder. You’ll also note my secret ingredients – Gigi’s Sazón Picante, dark ale and chocolate. There’s the Rican, Tex and Mex in that order!

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Caribbean Black Beans Recipe

The secret to this incredibly delicious yet simple recipe? Gigi’s Organics Adobo. Super tasty, affordable and healthy! You’ve seen my child devour them in the video. My Dad, the carnivore, has no idea they’re vegan. Don’t tell him! Others have just called these beans - “crack”. You be the judge.

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