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Disrupt Latin food one healthy meal at a time.

We believe earth-conscious Latin food should be easy, affordable and outrageously delicious.

Yep, healthy Latin food is a thing. Taste the Caribe!

Our promise: to create delicious, healthy products that make you feel good about eating them, buying them and telling the world about them.

Consider us premium with a purpose. And that purpose is to provide you with healthy, affordable seasonings and food that TASTE AMAZING without chemical additives, preservatives and pesticides!

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Our seasonings inspire rabid responses.

Read the love and see food pics from our community.

So f_cking good.
— Danielle P., Snohomish, WA
It’s magic!
— Catherine V., San Francisco, CA
I’m obsessed!
— Mason S., 7th grade, Bellevue, WA

Adobo and Sazón add incredible island flavor to every recipe! Substitute Gigi’s seasonings wherever you use salt to season meats, seafood, vegetables, sauces, marinades and dressings. Your taste buds thank you!


Find recipe and health tips at EcoRicoTV. Watch Giselle use Gigi’s seasonings to create flavor bombs with family and friends. And, there’s vino, lots of vino.

Say hello to my little friends…

Meet Gigi’s Organics Passion Patrol