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Real people spice it up with Gigi’s Organics.

Actual quotes and pics from our fabulous community

So f_cking good.
— Danielle P., Snohomish, WA
It’s magic!
— Catherine V., San Francisco, CA
I’m obsessed!
— Mason S., 7th grade, Bellevue, WA

It’s amazing!!!!!! Chicken with adobo and a little bit of sazón.. we are eating right now. My family loves it! Giselle, really good girl! And I watched some of your videos... So much fun!!!😍 - Fabrizia C., Redmond, WA

I made chipotle chicken quesadillas with your adobo spice. So f_cking good. - Danielle P., Snohomish, WA

While staying at a friend’s house for a couple weeks, I discovered this spice among many others in a very full spice cabinet. I am in love with it! It is great on all meats and fish not to mention it tastes fantastic in my home-made Italian dressing. Plus my kids love it too. It has become a staple in my kitchen now that I am back home cooking again! - Joy R., Redwood City, CA


I used your spices on Tacos 🌮 and pork chops. It's good stuff and definitely added nice flavoring. I love them. I'll need to get a few more jars from you. 🙋🏼‍♀️ - Jodie L., Fife, WA

Just wanted to let you know that your spices are amazing!!! son ricisimo! I have put been putting it on all our meals - From pasta to avocado to tacos this evening. So good! Family loves them too. Tacos especially were super yummy with spices. - Caroline Y., Redmond, WA

We used it with Salmon today! Soooo good!!! 😋😋 Y no le pusimos nada de sal. Solo el adobo! Muy bueno!! - Candela S., Kirkland, WA

Yes!!! I made baked chicken breast with it tonight for my salad!! So good! - Danielle P., Snohomish, WA